Smigin Pro: Now On Kickstarter

We’re determined to create a better language learning experience that uses the same process of baking in the nuances of grammar and focusing on real-life conversation and travel. The language learning industry is cluttered with companies that recycle old techniques and teach random words that aren’t useful in everyday situations.

Smigin Pro is different. We’re changing the way people think about language learning.

We’ve taken Smigin Pro as far as we can on our own and we’re so close to making it a reality, but we need your help to connect the world through conversation. Support our Kickstarter campaign today!

Smigin Travel

Smigin Travel is the perfect tool for those who love to travel but don’t speak their destination’s language. Build a variety of practical phrases in three steps and interact with locals in a variety of situations, whether you’re ordering at a restaurant, booking a hotel room, or simply getting around town.

The best part? Smigin Travel is free to download and works anywhere you go – no WiFi required.


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